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The sayings of Akio Morita - A Textbook for the Heart

The sayings of Akio Morita

list of the sayings of Akio Morita


2008.08.15 update

Not a World Designed for Japan, but a Japan Designed for the World
Japanese businesses cater to the world. Because of this we could fall into the misconception that Japanese businesses are indispensable to the world, rather than focusing on a world that is indispensable to Japan.

Through exports Japan has become an economic giant. After the war, Japan threw itself into producing export products that it could sell abroad, and today its products are known worldwide for being reliable and of the highest quality. There isn’t a country on this earth where Sony and other Japanese makers can’t sell their products. You could say that in the global economy, and for people worldwide, Japanese products are indispensable. In the electronic field in particular, Japan is considered to be in the top tear and Japanese-made computer parts such as memory chips or displays are critical.

However, we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that Japan is indispensable to the world. It was Akio Morita’s opinion that no matter what the situation, a country like Japan that relies on exports, shouldn’t forget that it is the world that is indispensable to Japan.

“Japanese businesses must continue selling their products to global customers. Sales will not continue if you anger or cause resentment with the customer. In every respect, free access to the global market is vital. For Japan, it is not a world made for Japan, but a Japan made for the World.”

Akio expressed a concern about the beginnings of anti-Japanese sentiment in the world and the need for Japan to make efforts so that it doesn’t spread beyond the emotional level.
For a country like Japan that needs to sell its products, it is obvious to anyone that the people that buy the product are essential. However, as Japan rose to its current position, there has been a tendency to forget this very obvious fact.

If Japan is turning its back on its global customers, it should think serious about the opinions of Akio Morita, whose ideas are based on many years of experience.

From:The Sayings of Akio Morita, published by Sony Magazines.

list of the sayings of Akio Morita

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