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The sayings of Akio Morita - A Textbook for the Heart

The sayings of Akio Morita

list of the sayings of Akio Morita


2009.09.16 update

Rather than blaming others or the Government, do what you can do regardless
Akio Morita believed in liberal economics based on fair competition. Similarly with politics, he continued to maintain a neutral position.

Akio Morita was an ardent liberal economist, and he believed that competition was the foundation of liberal economics. Competition with fair rules would allow liberal economics to come into effect and entrepreneurs shouldn't go running to the Government for help. Those that tried to avoid competition by using the Government's strength were denying the fundamentals of laissez-faire.

"We, that have connection with the Government, recommend the removal of Governmental legal or regulatory interference and nurture healthy competition. Competition is the key to maintaining the dynamism of liberal economics.
Even in the storms of fierce competition, those of us holding management posts shouldn't give in to temptation and seek Government help." (MADE IN JAPAN)

In business and economic circles it isn't uncommon to seek Government protection. However, such behavior puts oneself in a stranglehold and certainly not good for free economics. Akio, not only refused to seek Government protection but also resisted pressure from the Government.

Japan was criticized during Kakuei Tanaka's administration for its trade surplus and many condemned a lack of Government policy, but Akio emphasized that before turning on the Government, there are actions that should be taken.

"Even if the Government is sluggish, each company should carry out what it thinks is right...rather than criticizing others or the Government, companies should support the Government, doing whatever they can regardless."

In line with Akio's beliefs, since Sony was established, it has continued to maintain a politically and economically free and neutral position.

From:The Sayings of Akio Morita, published by Sony Magazines.

list of the sayings of Akio Morita

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