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The Exhibition of Akio Morita: the Voice of Tengai

The word "Tengai," which means "the shores of Heaven," is taken from Akio Morita's posthumous Buddhist name "SeishoinTENGAIkeidojoza". Performances incorporated into the venue where the Akio Morita exhibition is presented make visitors feel as though the voice of Akio Morita himself can be heard, even though he has departed this world for the shores of Heaven, wider than the universe.

New York
Los Angeles
Venue: Japanese American National Museum
Dates: July 13-September 9, 2007
The 2006 exhibition in New York was extremely well received and was opened in Los Angeles in 2007. Akio Morita was praised for contributing much throughout his life to Japan and Japanese Americans and people of all ages came to visit the Los Angeles exhibition.

New York
New York
Venue: Nippon Club "Japan Gallery"
Dates: November 10-20, 2006
This exhibition was held in New York, a city that held the most profound memories for Mr. Morita, including the opening of the Sony Showroom on Fifth Avenue in 1962 and living in New York with his family in 1963-64.

Hawaii (Honolulu)
Venue: Ala Moana Hotel "Garden Lanai"
Dates: November 1-3, 2005
Akio Morita loved Hawaii and his great enterprises made a major contribution to the State. It was fitting, therefore, that the exhibition should be held here in collaboration with the major autumn event "Sony Expo 2006," sponsored by Sony Hawaii.

Aichi Prefecture
Aichi Prefecture
Venue: Central Japan International Airport (CENTRAIR) "Centrair Gallery"
Dates: June 25 - July 10, 2005
Presented for the second time in Akio Morita's home town of Tokoname City, in Aichi Prefecture, this exhibition took place at the Central Japan International Airport, which had just opened the previous February on an artificial island in Ise Bay, where visitors can look across the bay to the Morita family home on the shore.

Venue: Daikanyama Hillside Terrace "Hillside Forum"
Dates: September 28 - October 3, 2004
"The Exhibition of Akio Morita: the Voice of Tengai" was first presented on the fifth anniversary of his death in order to shed light not on "Akio Morita the businessman," who built up Sony Corporation, but on "Akio Morita the man."

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