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Memorial Hall

Akio Morita-15th Generation Head of the Morita Family

Akio Morita-15th Generation Head of the Morita Family

In October 2004, marking the fifth anniversary of his passing, an exhibition of Akio Morita was held in Tokyo and among the many people that attended, fond memories of Akio came vividly to mind.

Subsequent exhibitions have been held at the Central Japan International Airport, Hawaii, New York and Los Angeles—all place with a special connection to Akio. In addition to the photographs, film footage and other pieces have been added to this much acclaimed exhibition, helping to introduce the man and his achievements, not only in Japan, but around the world.

In April 2008, the Akio Morita-15th Generation Head of the Morita Family Exhibition returns to his hometown in Kosugaya, Tokoname-city in Aichi Prefecture.

Akio loved his country and never forget his roots, but he was also a man that embraced the world and who wished deeply that people everywhere could live fulfilling and peaceful lives. I hope that through this exhibition you will come to learn more about the man, and experience some of his passion and energy.

Location "Morita Aji-no-yakata" 1F Exhibition Room
10 Wakihama, Kosugaya, Tokoname-city, Aichi 479-0807
Tel: +81-569-37-0733
Parking available (free)
Admission Free
Time 10:00am - 4:00pm
Closed Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Obon festival, New Years
Access 20 minutes drive from Central Japan International Airport
5 minutes drive from the Taketoyo Interchange (Chita-Hanto toll road)
The Tokoname-city, Aichi Prefecture website (access)

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