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About the Morita Family

Akio Morita, fifteenth-generation head of the Morita Family and founder of Sony Corporation. Tracing the history of the Morita Family back to the beginning of the Edo period in the early 17th century

Video clip"Morita the Sprit of Enterprise"

This section traces the achievements of the Morita family of district headmen, including their sake brewing technology, which impressed even the great 19th-century educator Yukichi Fukuzawa, and the establishment of the Raykay Gijuku School, described as the finest seat of learning in the Chita region.
The Raykay Archives
The building housing the archive stands adjacent to the original Morita family home in Kosugaya, Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture. Records and old documents belonging to generations of the family, who served as hereditary headmen of the district, are stored here. The materials, which were saved from loss and destruction during the war, date from the beginning of the Edo Period in the early 17th century to the Meiji Restoration of the late 1860s.